Human Factors in Flight Operations and Training

Membership of the HF Flight Ops and Training (HFOT) standing group is drawn from a wide range of human factors specialists within the aviation industry, both civilian and military, all of whom have considerable expertise within their respective fields. The HFOT SG encourages collaboration and peer discussion to improve safety and operational efficiency, including organizing conferences and authoring position papers and reports on topical matters.

Whether you need support from fellow practitioners or a chance to become more actively involved in this industry-wide committee, please feel free to get in touch using the “Contact us” page.

This webpage is being updated to include resources and links that flight operations personnel, particularly instructors, can use to improve human factors management in their organisations. Below are links to specific human factors topics. On each page is a general introduction to the topic, set of links to useful files, resources, presentations and videos that may be useful. We are also compiling a bank of competencies associated with each HF topic that companies can draw on as they develop their own required non-technical competencies for their crews.