Aviation Training


1. Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training

Having both Irish and UK CRM Instructor accreditations, we can provide comprehensive CRM training to flight deck crew and cabin crew. Our training is compliant with EU-OPS and EASA Part-ORO.

2. Threat and Error Management

Although Threat and Error Management (TEM) has been talked about as an important part of CRM for some time, the crucial step of applying TEM principles in real-world situations is often lacking. By taking a new approach to this concept, this training presents TEM in a format that can be applied by flight crew day-to-day in order to improve the safety and efficiency of flight operations.

3. Human Factors for Crew Resource Management Instructors

This course covers the science of human factors in relation to the topics taught on CRM courses. The course assumes some experience of CRM instruction and will focus primarily on the theoretical basis and practical application of human factors rather than on instructional techniques.

4. Advanced Human Factors

This course covers in more detail the science and the practical application of human factors in relation to aviation. Outside of the classroom, most human factors topics have an impact on aviation operations and so educating staff and management can deliver significant benefits in safety and efficiency.

5. Organisational Safety Culture and Human Factors

This bespoke course is tailored to the proposed participants and may include:

  • Safety Culture and Safety Management Systems
  • Resilience
  • Error, Error Management and Systems Thinking
  • Just Culture
  • Organisational decision-making
  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution